Lexicons of possibility

When language becomes exhausted, our freedom dwindles – we cannot think; we do not recognise danger, injustice strikes us no more than “the way things are.”*
Madeleine L’Engle

All we need do to impoverish life is to reduce
our vocabulary;
We need more words to describe
our world, people, god, ourselves,
The past, the present, the future.
Here are two lists I find myself keeping:
The words that are special to me,
Raising my heart-rate and serving as
to multitudinous destinations;
The words I write down as I’m reading –
Some I do not know,
Others I haven’t come upon in a long while
(I share some below).
I mention these
only because i wonder what your important words may be
and what they encourage you to bring into the world.

From my list of words unknown to me:

(There are 13 of my favourite words in the word search; I’ve highlighted the first, and you’re welcome to try and find the others.)

*Madeleine L’Engle’s Walking on Water.

2 thoughts on “Lexicons of possibility

  1. LOVE this post, as I am on a writing sabbatical and struggling with meaning and it’s expression!

    “Azimuth” is one of my favorite words. Fun to say, and you find it most easily with a lensatic compass (or a theodolite, another fun word, and a terrific phone app too).

    “Serendipity” too, for its meaning—which summarizes my experience of God in a single word—and for how it sounds. It begins so smoothly but then jiggles to pieces at the end. (Another too-common life experience of mine, sadly! 😉

    Hey, I’m in Cádiz, Spain, until Nov.29… I’ll be in Pontevedra, Spain, in April-May-June-Julyish (almost three months straight during that calendar span). Want to come visit? How difficult would it be to visit you from Pontevedra? (There’s a direct ferry to Wales or Ireland for some reason!)

    Grace and strength to you, and wise eloquence too!


  2. Thank you for your message, Nic. It was really good to hear from you. I hope your time in Spain has been really fruitful.

    Thank you also for your great words, too.

    I’ll send an email about your sabbatical trip next year.

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