You’ve changed your story

Which is better? Feeling like you were right the first time or actually being correct now?*
Seth Godin

We have become a generation of unstorytellers, which is a reason we’re a generation of malcontents.**
Bruce Feiler

When I came upon Seth Godin’s words a year ago,
I reflected on how I am now in the right place
doing the right things;
I was also able to admit that
this has not always been so.
I’ve changed my story.
In the past I was sure that I was doing the right things –
And perhaps I was …
For then …
And perhaps
in the future
I’ll look at now in a similar way.
One thing I know is
the more I’ve seen my life as a living story
the more I have
overcome the problems and have
moved towards the things I want to
fill my days with.

*Seth Godin’s blog: The right answer;
**Bruce Feiler’s Life Is In the Transitions.

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