The call

You were born to make art. But you’ve been brainwashed into believing you can’t trust yourself enough to do so.*
Seth Godin

bring new skills to an old problem, or a new problem to old skills**
David Epstein

You must not think that you
can only do this or
only do that.
It is more than possible that you can bring something
others cannot,
And being truly humble –
For there is also a falsely humble –
This is made even more powerful,
So if you hear the call,
If I were you,
I’d say yes.
I trust you to take nothing for granted,
To be fully present and
Charged with alacrity.

To be someone, as an artist, means: to be able to speak to one’s self.^

*Seth Godin’s The Practice;
**David Epstein’s Range;
^Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters on Life.

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