There’s more than one ending to this story

From the disparity between the immensity of the possible and the smallness of the human being there springs the torment and the energy of the flâneur. Persecuted by frustration, he is sentenced to a sort of perpetual motion.*
Federico Castigliano

First we have to persuade ourselves we can make pigs fly; only then do we have a chance of helping them to fly.**
Bruce Feiler

Bruce Feiler is telling of John Steinbeck‘s quirky flying pig logo
Placed at the end of his signature:

His explanation: We must try to attain to the heavens, even though we are bound to the earth.**

I’m not into fantasising, but there are often different ways in which
to tell our stories,
About how we’re going to rise above what is happening,
Create a different ending
even though the present reality is somewhat different:

When a story demands transformation, you are much more likely to transform.^

Giving in to what is,
Accepting the story that comes to us
as the only way the story can be told
may get us through the day but leaves us
or worse:

whining isn’t resilient or scalable^^

Instead of a story telling how there are just so many
unscalable problems,
Why not write yourself a role of
Battler of difficulties,
Establisher of Flourishing,
And then pay attention to and small things beginning to
change in you.

*Federico Castigliano’s Flâneur;
**Bruce Feiler’s Life Is In the Transitions;
^Donald Miller’s Hero On a Mission;
^^Seth Godin’s blog: Whining and status.

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