Done hiding

Absolutism is a form of hiding. Perfect is the enemy of good.*
Seth Godin

An inner alignment starts to develop that can release extraordinary energy and creativity, qualities previously dissipated by denial, inner contradiction, and unawareness of the situation and oneself.**
Peter Senge

We are creatures of desire.
Without desire, it is as if we do not exist.

Yes, there are very real problems in over-desiring,
Taking us into chaos and even destruction,
But there can be greater issues with denial,
With hiding …
The proverbial light under a bushel:
Isn’t god more concerned with denial than with desire?

May you bring your wonderfully quirky, beautiful and useful
thing into the world.

And the life you will see incrementally taking shape, in the rear-view mirror, will be the one that meets the only definitive measure of what it means to have used your weeks well: to how many people you helped, or how much you got don; but the working within the limits of your moment in history, and your finite talents, you actually got round to doing – and made life more luminous for the rest of us by doing – whatever magnificent task or weird little things it was you came here for.^

*From Seth Godin’s blog: Everything is compromise;
**From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution;
^From Oliver Burkeman’s Four Thousand Weeks.

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