The art of you

Each idea leads to another.*
Keith Haring

It’s hard work, and it’s been hard for everyone
all along.
There’s good reason to believe this, apart from the
fact that it’s true.
If you think that writing – the act of composition –
should flow, and it doesn’t, what are you likely to feel?
Obstructed, defeated, inadequate, blocked, perhaps
even stupid.
The idea that writer’s block, in its ordinary sense,
Exists largely because of the notion that writing should

Verlyn Klinkenborg

I have decided to make Keith Haring Journals my main read
for this month.
I bought the book back in November and had slowly read
to page 49.
It is time to dive in.

As I read Keith Haring’s descriptions of his experimental drawing and painting,
I am struck by the thought that no-one needs permission
to produce their art.
You and me,
We only need begin our art,
Or artisanship,
And one thing will lead to another.

That last sentence hides a world of struggle,
Inspiration and failure,
Learning and perseverance, and
there is art produced within the art –

An inner alignment starts to develop that can release extraordinary energy and creativity, qualities previously dissipated by denial, inner contradiction, and unawareness of the situation and oneself.^

*From Keith Haring’s Keith Haring Journals;
**From Verlyn Klinkenborg’s Several short sentences about writing;
^From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.

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