Songs of awakening

The hypnotic spell says “You have no spirit inside of you. You have no hero’s journey. Your main purpose is to buy refrigerators. Your main purpose in this world it to eat cheeseburgers.*
Stephen Gilligan

The cosmos is always both intimate and immense. Its deepest energies are always closer to us than our very breath, and its vastness and interrelatedness are always greater than many of the boundaries we have placed around ourselves as nations, races and religions.**
Philip Newell

The women of the village take the newborn baby into the forest,
Where together they will create a song of calling that is unique,
Not a lullaby but a song of awakening.

When the child does something wrong or becomes ill,
The song will be sung to help them return to their truth.

At the end of their life, the song will be sung one more time,
And then it will never be sung again.

We may not have had a song crafted for us at our birth,
But still, each of us has just such a song of awakening,
Much needed when there are so many hypnotic lullabies
lulling us into sleepfulness:

We don’t come into this world to sleep. We come to awaken, and awaken again, and to grow and evolve. So the calling is always a calling to grow, to contribute, to bring more of that vitality of life energy into the world or back into the world.*

*From Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts’ The Hero’s Journey;
**From Philip Newell’s Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul.

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