So your threshold is the point at which you’re going to go into a new and challenging territory that you’ve never been in before, and there’s no turning back.*
Robert Dilts

You will never regret offering dignity to others.**
Seth Godin

Each carries within a wound and a gift.

The victim only feels the wound,
And desires to be rid of it,
They wait to be rid of it.

The agent feels both their wound and gift,
And in understanding their symbiotic relationship
have moved across a threshold into a new world.

Sometimes other’s have been their guides,
Sometimes they have found their own way,
Sometimes they have become guides to others:

Sponsorship is about holding what’s there in a way that allows other possibilities to emerge … true healing comes from being able to sponsor the wound, sponsor the demon, sponsor the shadow. *

This is dreamwhispering.

*From Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilt’s The Hero’s Journey;
**From Seth Godin’s blog: Justice and dignity, too often in short supply.

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