Noticing the satisfying life

You’ll never run out of noticing … .*
Verlyn Klinkenborg

Noticing feeds choice.

We begin with reality.

Richard Sennett writes about how important resistance is to what we make:

We want to start with resistances, those facts that stand in the way of the will. Resistances themselves come in two forms: found and made.**

We will likely find some ideas nearby, like docks growing by nettles:

Ideas live in the world as we do. We discover certain ideas at certain times.^

Look around.

Avoiding reality and resistance may also mean missing ideas that offer a future we’d choose.

Not lifting it off some shelf.

Living it into existence.

*From Verlyn Klinkenborg’s Several short sentences about writing;
**From Richard Sennett’s The Craftsman;
^From M. C. Richards’ Centering.

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