Beyond privilege

The Chur Qiu Fan Lu […], written sometime in the second century BC, describes yellow as “the colour of rulers.”
Kassia St. Clair

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.**
Marcel Proust

There’s an infinite game afoot.

A game to include as many as possible for as long as possible.

You can wear yellow if you want.

I recommend it.

More importantly, you have already learned to read and write.

Something confined to the privileged not very long ago.

The privileged will always find something new to display.

But most of the life-changing things are now available to our creativity.

Time to play.

*From Kassia St. Clair’s The Secret Lives of Colour;
**Marcel Proust, quoted in Ben Hardy’s Personality Isn’t Permanent.

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