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The challenge is to have one superpower. All out of balance to the rest of your being. If, over time, you develop a few more, that’s fine. Begin with one.*
Seth Godin

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; I have a goodly heritage.**

Richard Sennett shares how basically place is where we dwell, space is what we travel through. We need both.

In this we touch upon the two life-forming questions:

Who is my True Self?
What is my contribution?

It’s both/and.

Towards this, I’ve been sharing an idea I’ve had for sharing these things in a high-octane way: the gift of an undiluted hour of dreamwhispering. Drop me a line to find out more.

*From Seth Godin’s The Practice;
**Psalm 16:6

4 thoughts on “Welcome to my place

  1. Coaches like Godin and others of the business world seem to be teaching life lessons as they relate to success in the business world. Success, suggesting happiness. In that way of thinking, happiness comes as a result of achievements — money, status, creative endeavors, etc., all of which require someone from the outside looking at us who will acknowledge our success. It requires us to ‘get somewhere’. Where is there to go? We’re here. Now. We have this life, this breath… and at any moment it could be our last.

    I visit your posts because you tend to cross that Seth Godin line and venture into the realm of ‘higher consciousness’ … esoteric thought. I see this as a different sort of learning and subsequently a different way of living life.

    Fully awake and aware… self-realization, or ‘god’ realization as some of us come to see it… and, just as you pose the question above: Who is my true-self? A business guru is likely to have a very different answer from that of Jiddu Krishnamurti or Alan Watts (both denounce the title ‘guru’ by the way).

    Well, as I drone on, meaning fades. But, I felt to add a few words. I follow plenty of writers on WP and find very little interaction— it more soliloquy.

    Again, I enjoy your illustrations, even when the topic may not draw me in. (No pun intended) lol.

  2. Valuable words, as always. I sometimes call Seth Godin Saint Seth as he has helped me many times. I appreciate that whilst he may often be writing into a business context, he manages to bring insights from a deeper place. Indeed, Erwin McManus, attending a conference of church leaders, commented about all these speakers were saying “there’s nothing new,” but Seth Godin was the only person was saying “here are some new things.”

  3. I agree with you. My bit about Godin, above, doesn’t fairly represent him… or his work. He’s more than a business coach — most certainly!

    Interesting (and a wee bit disquieting) to read my comments from not that long ago, but that seem “so very long ago”… I’d not say any of it now, in the way I’d said it then.

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