Because it’s my responsibility …

Like our control preference, responsibility is a learned skill. You might be born with an instinct for it, but mostly it’s something we’re taught or choose to learn.*
Seth Godin

It is with the heart and soul that we are able to surface important things that the eyes need to see. Examining our souls is not as easy as clearing our minds, you’ll find.**
Ryan Holiday

It became a pivotal moment for me.

When I stood before a room full of people and took responsibility for the things I had got wrong.

It freed something inside of me.

Though this would come more slowly. I stopped hiding from what I realised I must do.

The thing I am responsible for whilst I am on earth.

I will bring mine, you must bring yours.

Yesterday, I mentioned my idea to cram what I do into a full-on hour of personal- and other- discovery. Drop me a line if you know this is for you.

*From Seth Godin’s blog: Your responsibility preference;
**From Ryan Holiday’s Stillness is the Key.

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