A temptation to doubt

What is unique about the Celtic tradition compared to most other Western traditions is that it cannot be reduced to a set of doctrines or beliefs; instead, at its core is the conviction that we essentially need to keep listening to what our soul already knows, either in the particular circumstances of our lives or in matters more universal.*
Philip Newell

Doing something new simply because we’re worried that the old thing we were doing a minute ago isn’t fast enough is a waste. The crowd might enjoy it, but in the long run, it diminishes our contributions and our joy.**
Seth Godin

I shouldn’t take my doubts at face value.

The temptation is to look around and see what others are doing and change what I’m doing.

I suspect, though, that I need to lean more into what I know I must be doing.

I’m grateful to Seth Godin, or Saint Seth as I think of him, who turns up with just the right words for me to help me keep going and also to sharpen my thinking and hoping:

Ultimately, the goal is to become the best in the world at being you. To bring useful idiosyncrasy to the people you seek to change and to earn a reputation for what you do and how you do it. The peculiar version of you, your assertions, your art.^

I close with the words of a new co-traveller on this journey of becoming who we are:

We tend to write about the things that matter most to us, the things we wish to learn more about. I have always wanted to improve to understand more deeply what self-improvement entails.^^

Don’t forget the high-octane hour of discovery I’m offering. Just drop me a line to find out more.

*From Philip Newell’s Sacred Earth Sacred Soul;
**From Seth Godin’s blog: Personal velocity:
^From Seth Godin’s The Practice;
^^From Anna Katharina Schaffner’s The Art of Self-Improvement.

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