The protoype

When we intentionally avoid desirable difficulty, our practice suffers, because we’re only coasting.*
Seth Godin

A stable, balanced life is a life losing energy – and so is a stable, balanced city.**
Richard Sennett

The prototype is for us.

The exploring of a possibility that follows an idea.

The thing that gets us moving.

Here’s one to try out: I thought to cram everything I do in dreamwhispering into a high-octane hour of discovery as a gift for those who’d love to experience their more.

Drop me a line.

*From Seth Godin’s The Practice;
**From Richard Sennett’s Building and Dwelling.

3 thoughts on “The protoype

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  2. Hi there. I’m not ignoring you, Nic. Thanks for expressing your interest in this. Let me know when you’re back from Dubai and I’ll send you some information on what next.

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