Unfamiliar … familiar … overfamiliar … unfamiliar

Our evolved preference for familiarity often backfires. There are many signals that give us useful information about whether a situation is productive or safe. But pre-existing social networks might not be the best one.*
Seth Godin

Expand your attention to include everything that you can possibly hear, without judgement. The ear hears. The brain listens.**
Pauline Oliveros

We are creatures who turn the unfamiliar into the familiar.

We like the familiar.

Then we have to beware the overfamiliar.

Then we must set out into the unfamiliar again: a never-ending source of possibility.

Something to be found in each day.

*From Seth Godin’s blog: Fear of strangers;
**Pauline Oliveros, quoted in Rob Walker’s blog The Art of Noticing: source lost.

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