The conversation library

How does one keep an imagination fresh in a world that works double-time to suck it away? … I think that the answer is, one must live a curious life.  One must have stacks and stacks and stacks of books on the inside of their bodies. And those books don’t have to be the things that you’ve read.  I mean, that’s good, too, but those books could be the conversations that you’ve had with your friends that are unlike the conversations you were having last week.*
Jason Reynolds

We have fallen out of alignment with the deepest truths within us. How are we to awaken again to the sacredness at the heart of all life, the sacredness that is also at the heart of our own being?**
Philip Newell

Ryan Holiday writes,

Enough comes from the inside.^

I want to add:

More than enough comes from conversation.

Jason Reynolds shares how in Senegal, when a community is elder it is said that “a library has burned.”*

When the enough of one person meets the enough of another, more than the sum of the two people is uncovered.

There’s more. When we take our curiosity into a conversation, we will likely find, as James Carse suggests, our experience of time changes, too:

Time does not pass for an infinite player. Each moment of time is a beginning of a period of time. It is the beginning of an event that gives the time within its specific quality.^

There’s a richness of time for those who discover its quality over its quantity. A conversation becomes more like a visit to a library in which we are lost in its contents.

Let’s re-open the libraries all around us.

If you would like to have a conversation in which we can explore this further, drop me a line.

*Jason Reynolds, quoted in Rob Walkers’ The Art of Noticing blog: Ask a Human;
**From Philip Newell’s Sacred Earth Sacred Soul;
^From James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games.

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