When all else fails, play

The whole idea is that you’ve got to bring out again that which you went to recover, the unrealised, unutilised potential in yourself.*
Joseph Campbell

You have the right to remain silent. But I hope you won’t. The world conspires to hold us back, but it can’t without our permission.**
Seth Godin

Ready to play a game of “search, ask and knock”?

We take things too seriously when we play by the rules of society regarding who is beautiful, imaginative, the right age, valuable … . This game makes it possible to move beyond these and discover our uniqueness:

When we give names to things, we often assume that everything that goes by that name is alike^

Let us bring what have to bring without excuse or embarressment, because we’ll likely find that the game opens up with something to be found by those who search, with an answer for those who ask, and an opening for those who knock.

In other words, man should only play with beauty, and he should play only with beauty.^^

*From Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey;
**From Seth Godin’s The Practice;
^Corita Kent, from Corita Ken and Jan Steward’s Learning by Heart;
^^From Friedrich Schiller’s On the Aesthetic Education of Man.

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