Who cares?

Art is what we call it when we are able to create something new that changes someone.*
Seth Godin

[O]ur society does not teach us how to be an effective giver of gifts. The schools don’t emphasise it. The popular culture is confused about it.**
David Brooks

Whenever we bring our imagination to bear on reality, there’s the possibility of something creative happening for the good of another: in other words, art.

My wife and I have had two conversations with carers today: a friend who loves the work of caring for people at the beginning and end of the day, but who wouldn’t be drawn to it for the terrible pay: we ended up talking about how carers need to be valued as a third level of healthcare, with doctors and nurses.

The other remarked that she was “just a carer,” and needed to know that we believe caring to be skilled and valuable work.

Whatever we do in life, we need to bring our imagination to it.

*From Seth Godin’s The Practice;
**From David Brooks’ The Second Mountain.

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