Guides and resistance

Joseph Campbell … noticed that in legends from around the world, some kind of mentor arrives shortly after a hero has accepted a call to adventure.*
Martha Beck

those who produced and traded colours were known as colourmen, and procured rare pigments from across the globe**
Kassia St Clair

The problem is not finding a guide: there are many guides.

The problem is overcoming our resistance and walking with those who make themselves available.

Martha Beck’s description of a guide is somewhat mystical. Their appearance in our lives in the form of a book, song, piece of art or person may indeed be so. I prefer, though, a simpler description: a guide is someone who has been this way and is willing to walk with us.

I included the quote about colourpeople because I enjoyed the adjacent thought that the colour in a person’s life is exactly what a guide is searching for.

*From Martha Beck’s The Way of Integrity;
**From Kassia St Clair’s The Secret Lives of Colour.

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