Seek pursue do

Every creative endeavour becomes a realisation of both how limited and unlimited we are.*
Erwin McManus

Apparently, the power to establish order, which ranks among the most inexorable strengths of artistic creation, is summoned most insistently by two interior states: by one’s awareness of abundance and by the utter collapse within a human being, which, after all, yields another abundance.**
Rainer Maria Rilke

David Brooks writes about two mountains.

The first mountain we climb because we believe we need something more: personal possession, position, charisma, respect and acknowledgement.

The second mountain is a place of discovering we are more than enough and also that when we are connected with this truth about ourselves more of what matters comes to us.

*From Erwin McManus’ The Artistan Soul;
**From Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letter
s on Life.

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