Which comes first: interested or interesting?

Interest is an all-pervading attitude and form of relatedness to the world, and one might define it in a very broad sense as the interest of the living person in all that is alive and grows. Even when this sphere of interest in one person seems to be small, if the interest is genuine, there will be no difficulty in arousing his interest in other fields, simply because he is an interested person.*
(Erich Fromm)

Some interesting things about interesting:

An interesting path provides us with autonomy, mastery and a purpose greater than ourselves.

Interest is both an attitude and skill we can work on.

It grows and grows beyond its original borders.

This means that we don’t have to wait to find a particularly interesting path, but can take our interest into any path.

Interested people make for interesting people; they have things we want to hear and see.

*From Erich Fromm’s The Revolution of Hope.

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