Activeness and creativity

“Interest” comes from the Latin interest, that is “to be in-between.” If I am interested, I must transcend my ego, be open to the world,,,, and jump into it: interest is based on activeness.*
(Erich Fromm)

Most children think they’re highly creative, most adults think they’re not. This is a bigger issue than it may seem. […] A culture of creativity has to involve everybody, not just a select few.**
(Ken Robinson)

Interest and creativity and activeness walk together.^

Interest in concern for the other, creativity contributing fulfilment, and activeness ensuring we turn up and take our turn.

To move to give rather than wait to receive.

It’s not about where you come on a list of creativity, but about exploring the creativity that looks like you.

*From Erich Fromm’s The Revolution of Hope;
**From Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds;
^Activeness is Erich Fromm’s word for the opposite to passiveness.

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