No full stop …

Every aphorism here is about a Procrustean bed of sorts – we humans, facing limits of knowledge, and things we do not observe, the unseen and the unknown, resolve the tension by squeezing life and the world into crisp commoditised ideas, reductive categories, specific vocabularies, and pre-packaged narratives, which, on the occasion, have explosive consequences.*
(Nassim Taleb)

Source. Life force. Aliveness. Around us, in us, a wellspring of energy to tap into at any minute.**
(Kelvy Bird)

Finite worlds are able to exist within infinite worlds, but infinite worlds may not be contained within finite ones.

They must be quashed or they will spill out.

There are no fullstops to life.

It was here before we arrived and it will be here after we are gone.

And for a while, for a span, through our own openness, we will taste of its limitlessness.

The world outside and the world inside.

Life endlessly unfolding.

Remaining open is hard for us, though.

A willingness to constantly bring our attention and openness to the unfolding-more-and-more requires a lot of energy., means we are not able to completely

We want to arrive: to know, to understand to judge.

We want to declare, This is it!

We know all we need to know about things.

And we know all we need to know about people.

And then life breaks out again.

*From Nassim Taleb’s The Bed of Procrustes;
**From Kelvy Bird’s Generative Scribing.

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