The ultimate aim of the quest must be neither release nor ecstasy for oneself, but the wisdom and power to serve others.*
(Joseph Campbell)

When we play in a finite game, we play to win. […] The motivation to play in an infinite game is completely different – the goal is not to win, but to keep playing. It is to advance something bigger than ourselves or our organisations.**
(Simon Sinek)

Simon Sinek offers five tests for clarity for our Just Cause.

(Other names are available for this, such as life-quest or Must.)

These are about more than sorting out a problem. They’re about bigger pictures taking us into places often unimagined by others.

They have to pass all five tests to qualify.

They must be for something, inclusive, service-orientated, resilient and idealistic.

I thought to test what lies behind dreamwhispering.

In a nutshell, this is about everyone having the opportunity to discover and explore how amazing they are and how they can make a difference for others.

For something (rather than against something):

I am for people discovering their True Self and what their contribution in life can be.


It’s open to all, and I will figure out a way that works for each person.

I also aim to constantly improve in my abilities to do this.

Service orientated:

It’s all about helping someone journey to a place of greater self-realisation and service, joining up their past, present and future:

I would wonder if you would be a hero or heroine if you did not live in what many call deep time – that is, the past, the present, and future all at once.^

If they in turn can help someone else as a result, that would be wonderful.


Adapting to new knowledge and experiences it grows and develops in order to be more helpful to more people.


I’ve been realising more recently that it’s about connecting with a personal story of mythological proportions.

More than a job, career and vocation.

These are not only five tests; they also provide five means of honing our purpose in life.

*From Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth;
**From Simon Sinek’s The Infinite Game;
^From Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward.

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