The more entrenched a system of measurement, the more difficult it is for a deviant, an outlier, or even an experimenter to emerge.
(Youngme Moon)

It sometimes happens […] that the spoilsports in their turn make a community with rules of its own.
(Johan Huizinga)

Knowledge is what we know and are always adding to.

Belief is how we store and use the knowledge that is most important to us.

Sometimes knowledge and belief are not enough.

Sometimes we must take a leap that only faith can make possible.

Eventually, leapers may spoil the original game, but they often lead us to a game that matters for more people.

Firstly, they must enter or create a liminal space in which they begin to form a communitas of people around the new thing for which there is no measurement.

*From Youngme Moon’s Different.
**From Johan Huizinga’s Homo Ludens.

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