Life undercover

My own particular cover is that of a university professor. It’s a way of looking responsible while attending to more important things.*
(Belden Lane)

Where is your ifthen? We all have them. […] Too often an ifthen is nothing but a stall.**
(Seth Godin)

What’s your cover? The thing you have figured out to do that makes it possible to follow your higher calling, the thing you most want to do with your life?

If you have an ifthen, it could be that you haven’t found your cover. An ifthen is a way of putting own hold the thing you really want to do until something else happens: If this happens then I can pursue what I really want to do.

A cover makes it possible to pursue what you must sooner, it doesn’t wait for everything to be in place, but even while things are exactly where and how they are at this moment, finds one small possibility and then another, and another.

So it may well be about where you are right now, doing the things you’re doing, is just the cover you need for beginning to pursue your higher calling.

One small place to begin is by writing out what your higher calling or purpose is – it’s more difficult to ignore once you have put a little ink on the paper.

(*Belden Lane, quoted in David Brooks’ The Second Mountain.)
(**From Seth Godin’s blog: Where is your ifthen?)

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