More than faith

It feels like faith in wider possibilities than I had imagined and living one’s life in the shadow of those possibilities.*
(David Brooks)

Faith, like fire, does not dispel the darkness. It creates a space within it. Faith creates a womb for hope and love within a universe that seems indifferent to both.**
(Alex McManus)

Faith is not a religious capacity but a human one; religion is, perhaps, one way for organising it.

Faith is what we all need in difficult or dark moments, creating a space in which it can harness and bring shape to everything we are and all that we have. When we thought there was no space, nothing that we could do, we are shown a way forward through our talents and values and energies.

What is faith. It is many things; here’s a definition for starters:

To imagine and hope in a future that does not exist and to live towards it with all our being.

(*From David Brooks’ The Second Mountain.)
(*From Alex McManus’ Makers of Fire.)

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