Daemons and dreams

A daemon is a calling, an obsession, a source of lasting and sometimes manic energy.*
(David Brooks)

If he who is organised by the divine for spiritual communion, refuse and bury his talent in the earth, even though he should want natural bread, shame and confusion of face will pursue him throughout life to eternity.**
(William Blake)

Daemons and dreams are yoked.

Your daemon is the world’s greatest need as you are attuned to hear:

when you are looking for a vocation, you are looking for a daemon. […] You are trying to find that tension or problem that arouses great waves of moral, spiritual, and relational energy.*

This daemon calls to your deepest joy, the dream you have to live with creativity, generosity and enjoyment.

In Florence’s Galleria dell’Accademia stand four unfinished statues by Michelangelo – the figure in each strains to be free – a picture of your dream. But only the chisel can achieve this – a picture of your daemon. It will always be the grittier element of what it is you must do with your life.

(*From David Brooks’ The Second Mountain.)
(**William Blake, quoted in Austin Kleon’s blog: You’ll be Miserable if You Don’t Do What You’re Supposed to Do.)

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