Learning or learned

‘When a bureaucrat or authority figure refuses to explain ‘why’, he is showing fear (because he’s not sure why) and contempt (because he doesn’t have to care).’*
(Seth Godin)

‘These are the sensory impulse and the formal impulse, both of which aim at truth, and neither of which gets there without the other.’**
(Harriet Harris)

Some believe they have learned all they will ever need to learn.  What they know will suffice for the rest of their lives.

Others are learning butterflies – moving from one new things to the next, never stopping lot embed their discoveries into their lives.

It’s not about being learning or learned; it’s about learning and learned.  The riches life is found between the two.

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: The respect of “why.”)
(**From Harriet Harris’ The Epistemology of Feminist Theology.)

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