When we are small in a big world

We imagine a wild theology that doesn’t limit itself to Plato and Aquinas but also consults the wisdom of rainbow trout and sea turtles, seasons and tides.*
(Brian McLaren)

Yesterday, in the early evening, my wife Christine and I took a walk around the field that lies on the other side of the small wood by our house. Since we had last walked the field – perhaps only a week earlier – grasses had surged upwards, hiding all of last year’s deadness and spectacularly bursting into flower.

I went out this morning to take a picture to share

The field had become a sea of greens swaying in the breeze, populated by the islands of majestic trees that shared this acreage, and we had to keep stopping just to take in the beauty.

We can be wowed by things we build: bridges and buildings, but this kind of wow is different. It’s the kind of perspective I need in life from something humans haven’t built – something I am a part of and have much to learn from.

(*From Brian McLaren’s God Unbound.)

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