Under authority

The demands of genre conventions and audience expectation should stir the imagination. They do not inhibit creativity, they inspire it. You must find a way to shape your story that both expresses your vision and satisfies the audience’s expectations.*
(Robert McKee)

The earliest artists worked within the outlines of their imaginations, the later reworked their imaginations.**
(James Carse)

It is likely that every person who has produced anything of significance for others will have placed themselves under the authority of something or someone.

There are all kinds of authority, from large to small, from people and roles to reading and crafts. What they all have in common at their best is that they enable others to flourish, to become more, to be inspired and make a difference in the world, helping each others towards finding our joy.

The alternative, the bad kind of authority, only hardens the path of same old same old (SOSO) and What You See Is All There Is (WYSIATI).

(*From Robert McKee‘s newsletter: Why All Writers are Genre Writers.)
(**From James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games.)

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