8 if you don't love ... 1

Imagineer NcNair Wilson writes, ‘I’ll bet you could tell me the names of the “creative people” in your organisation.’

Have you just thought of those in your organisation?

The question Wilson is really getting to is, What about everyone else?  Why aren’t they being creative?

‘People working at the top of their intelligence will affect the bottom line.’*

Moments later, I came across this from Creative Thinker Edward de Bono, saying that: ‘whatever you are doing, no matter how humble, is capable of being interesting.’

We may be in the 21st century but creativity doesn’t appear to be running out.  And when I consider the all the things we Humans are fascinated in, I never cease to be amazed … and interested.

When you get really creative around the things you’re interested in, imagining and innovating in unique ways, you’re becoming a leader, even if it is a leader of one other.  You have to love and value what you’re interested in, create a story, connect with others, and live it, every day, passionately.

My friend Alex McManus writes in his newly published Makers of Fire that we require fuel, oxygen, and heat to create fire; he uses this picture to argue for how we’re makers of fire – fuel is the world we’ve received, oxygen is the meaning we give to our world, and heat is about the spark of creativity we bring:

‘Heat is all about the way that you engage with your
unique genius, talent, and passion the Fuel that settles
at your feet and the Oxygen that swirls around you.’


(*From McNair Wilson’ Hatch.)

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