The story of now

And the story of now is the critical pivot. The story of now enlists the tribe on your journey.*
(Seth Godin)

This now is what matters, young reader. The moment we’re all living in us what counts – how will this moment, and the stories we’re living inside change us … forever?**
(Jacqueline Woodson)

Seth Godin outlines three stories developed by Marshall Ganz: the story of self, the story of us and the story of now.

The first two echo Joseph Campbell’s personal myth and societal myth, necessary for us to find our bliss and know we are alive.

I feel that the story of now ensures these are lived out fully.

Daphne Loads points out that the word anecdote means “unpublished” in the original Greek (a-necdote). The story of now ensures that our personal and societal myths or stories do not go unpublished.^

I want to be playful with seven reasons Loads offers for why she loves anecdotes – the words in bold font are hers, the explanations are mine.

Anecdotes are:

Short: lots of small expressions of our stories every day are better than waiting for something big to come along;

Funny: make sure these are also fun and that you get to laugh a lot;

Particular: embrace specific, avoid generalising;

Personal: keep checking that what you’re doing matters to you;

Memorable: they should become a part of who you are, defining you;

Distil insights: through failure and success let them teach and guide you for all that lies ahead

Don’t have to be true: this is the one to avoid – if we get the first six right then we’re really living them and avoiding this one.

(*From Seth Godin’s This is Marketing.)
(**Jacqueline Woodson’s letter in Maria Popova and Claudia Bedrick’s
A Velocity of Being.)
(^From Daphne Loads’ Rich Pickings.)

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