This is marketing

What your customers want from you is for you to care enough to change them.*
(Seth Godin)

Story is a powerful way of making wholes from disparate parts, weaving elements together to provide an instinctively satisfying sense of coherence.**
(Graham Leicester)

Every idea has to be communicated at some point in time.

The first to hear an idea is the person who came up with it.

This is marketing and it begins with the story I’m telling myself:

It is the marketing we do for ourselves, to ourselves, by ourselves, the story we tell ourselves, that can change everything. It’s what’s going to enable you to create value, to be missed if you’re gone.*

Every one of us has great ideas, ideas to make things better, to change someone’s world for the better.

And what ideas need are great stories to be wrapped in.

In my work with people, there are at least nineteen great ideas identified. The twentieth is the story they become.

I’d love to hear yours.

(*From Seth Godin’s This is Marketing.)
(**From Graham Leicester’s Transformative Innovation.)

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