Even on a rainy day

I’ve lived through six recessions and learned two big lessons: 1) fear and anxiety will paralyse you if you are not prepared, and 2) a crisis that forces you to stop, just stop, can be a meaningful moment to learn and prepare for your next stage. In hindsight, recessions (and other types of crises) pushed me into my most creative roles […].*
(Bruce Nussbaum)

It’s a rain-all-day Friday.

There’ll be no blue sky today, no sunshine, not even wind.

A perfect day to turn back to a blog from Bernadette Jiwa with the picture of a little girl and her pink guitar, eyes closed, singing her heart out.

Here’s the blog; go take a look at the picture:

It’s easier to be heard when we shout. But being heard needn’t be our ultimate goal.

What if we aspired to be listened to instead?

To be embraced rather than just noticed.

To be valued rather than used.

To be sought out and remembered.

To be recommended and treasured.

To be loved.*

Today’s a wonderful day, full of so many possibilities, because we are capable of filling today with these things: so many ways to listen, to embrace, to value, to seek, to recommend … to love.

(*From Bruce Nussbaum‘s article: How to Recession-proof Your Creative Practice.)
(**Bernadette Jiwa’s The Story of Telling: Being Heard is Overrated.)

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