Never stop looking for what is not there*

Yelling at the ref because you don’t like a call against your team is not nearly as effective as insisting that your team train harder or find a better strategy.**
(Seth Godin)

Don’t wait for permission to express your potential, you already have permission.

Moving every day in the direction of your curiosities and fascinations means you’ll discover the things you have no idea about in this moment of time.

Around fifteen years ago, I was reading about how, if you’re 45 years old and people are still speaking about your potential, you need to excuse yourself, find a cupboard to step into and weep.

Erwin, who wrote these words, helped me take a leap towards doing what I really wanted to do but I didn’t know it. And it all followed a conversation in which we found ourselves talking about the things that fascinated and intrigued us both.

Come to think of it, that conversation took place in Los Angeles. I’d travelled for an event I believed I needed to get to, but as I couldn’t afford a hotel, Erwin and his family put me up.

Forget potential, keep moving:

You and your environment are extensions of each other.^

(*Morgan Freeman’s character Monte Wildhorn in The Magic of Belle Isle.)
(From Seth Godin’s blog: The process vs. the outcome.)
(^From Ben Hardy’s Willpower Doesn’t Work.)

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