Et vous voilà, abondance

The posture of generosity and connection replaces a mindset of scarcity, and Lionel [Poilane] modeled this philosophy every day. […] Generosity, abundance and idiosyncrasy in service of craft and community.*
(Seth Godin)

When we take something to heart, we also are helping it to move from scarcity to abundance.

It can feel as though we have something scarce when we have valuable information, but when we take it to heart, becoming curious and inquiring, we find ourselves generating it into all manner of possibilities … and there you are, abundance.

It’s why having tools isn’t nearly as valuable as becoming an adapter or maker of tools.

Seth Godin tells how his friendship with Parisian baker Lionel Poilane altered the arc of his writing. When Poilane and his wife were tragically killed in a helicopter accident, Godin wanted to dedicate a book to him. It turned out to be Purple Cow.

Here’s how this book altered my own arc of work.

This book had been the first I picked up from Godin – I can’t even remember how I became aware of it. I loved the content and the format of the book, so much did it resonate with me about how I wanted to live and work, it led to me reading as much of Godin’s writing as I could afford, including V is for Vulnerable, illustrated by Hugh Macleod.

This in turn led to me reading Macleod’s three books in print at the time. I really loved the doodles as well as the ideas in these, and when it came to contemplating a year of blogging every day for a year, and I needed a degree of difficulty, inspired by Macleod, I decided upon doodling.

Six years on, I’m a dawdler and a doodler, bringing illustrations wherever I can.

When information moves from our head to our heart, all kinds of surprising and wondrous things can take place – we’re on a journey from scarcity to abundance.

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: Bread and books.)

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