What is it worth to me?

It’s a lot more difficult when the task ahead is not quite the same as what you’ve done before. When wayfinding is required. That’s a different skill. That’s the skill of finding the common threads, seeing the analogies and leaping over the crevices. Knowing how to do something you haven’t quite done before.*
(Seth Godin)

Worry less about getting things done. Worry more about things worth doing. […] Worry less about ,making a mark. Worry more about leaving things better than you found them.**
(Austin Kleon)

I’ve mentioned before how different sources identify three things we desire most: autonomy (to explore our freedom which is to grow our freedom), mastery (to do something really well) and to live for something greater than ourselves (a purpose that will outlast us).

If we’ve already found what it is we love to do well – something that is worth everything to us – and every day turn up to play with how we might offer this to others, then we’re well on our way to leaving something that matters.

If we haven’t, take a closer look at your life, identify what these things are – what you love to do and get up out of bed to make happen every day (a basic freedom) – and keep going.

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: On knowing what you’re doing.)
(**From Austin Kleon’s Keep Going.)

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