We become what we see

In a way we stop being able to hear it. So this project was about reclaiming [Vivaldi’s Four Seasons] for me personally. I wanted to fall in love with it all over again […] By getting inside it and rediscovering it for myself – I was able to take a new path through a well-known landscape.*
(Max Richter)

My reading is looking.

My walking is looking.

My talking is looking.

My listening is looking.

My thinking is looking.

Even my looking is looking

It could be better, though.

I miss such a lot, and when something becomes familiar, it can disappear from my sight.

May our looking turn into seeing and may our seeing change us.

Saying I haven’t finished looking yet is like saying I haven’t finished changing yet.

(*Max Richter, quoted in Terry Tempest Williams’ The Hour of Land.)

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