Just another six years

Your work […] must be well made within the principles that shape your art.*
(Robert McKee)

Culture is born when someone shows up authentically as only he or she can, leaving his or her mark and encouraging other people to do the same.**
(Bernadette Jiwa)

Is it enough to turn up and make something better and more beautiful so that others are enabled and inspired to do the same?

I’d like to think that this matters more than anything else in the world:

Is it good? Really good? Do you like it? You can also focus more on what the work does that can’t be measured. What it does to your soul.^

I came upon these words, too, this morning:

If you work on something important for 20 years, it will transform everything around you.^^

I had been counting up how long I have been on my slow journey in the same direction. 21 years. More specifically, though, I have been on a journey of 14 years from when I came upon something I really loved and began exploring.

Only another 6 years to go.

How many for you?

Keep going. Here’s something for the slow journey in the same direction. I’ve dedicated a whole website in support of this.

(*From Robert McKee’s blog: The Substance, Structure, Style and Principles of Storytelling.)
(**From Bernadette Jiwa’s The Story of Telling: Culture Creation.)
(^From Austin Kleon’s Keep Going.)
(^^Dan Sullivan, quoted in Ben Hardy’s article These 20 Pictures Will Teach You More Than Reading 100 Books.)

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