It was the fire of the gods and it was burning in their hearts

Straightness is not natural. […] It is technological.*
(Kosuke Koyama)

Become subtle enough
To hear a tree breathe.
See your imagination dawn
Around the rim of your world.
Succumb to warmth in the heart
Where divine fire glows.**

John O’Donohue)

We are wild creatures, but not in the ways we might immediately think.

It is a wildness of imagination and creativity in love and joy and peace in patience and kindness and generosity in faithfulness and gentleness and self-control,^ a wildness in sheer goodness we may not have thought possible from our early hominid origins.

These things we come to explore as we traverse the curving path we each find within our lives, a way of many surprises.

There are no surprises on a straight path.

(*From Kosuke Koyama’s Three Mile an Hour God.)
(**From John O’Donohue’s To Bless the Space Between Us.)
(^Galatians 5:22-23)

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