What the street can’t hear (and are you in the street?)

When we look at the world, we perceive one what is enough for our plans and actions to work and for us to get by. What we inhabit, then, is this “enough.”*
(Jordan Peterson)

If you’re not transforming your past, present, and future, then you aren’t fully experiencing the benefits of gratitude.**
(Ben Hardy)

There’s certainly a lot more to see than we’re seeing.

We can end up only seeing what we need to see in order to make sense of and reinforce our worlds, perhaps a lack of curiosity, perhaps to provide a semblance of control, perhaps even to hold back the chaos we fear will overwhelm if we open up our attention to what we do not know.

With this there can also come a fixed mindset, but what about when chaos finds a way in? And chaos always finds a way in.

Only paying attention to the things we need to and nothing else includes focusing on the things we don’t have. Ben Hardy uses the term “living in the gap.” There’s a positive-fixed mindset when people can feel they’re just better or more special than everyone else, but there’s also a negative-fixed mindset:

Living in the gap forces your brain to think that things cannot change. It’s how you develop a negatively fixed mindset.**

The other kind of mindset, Carol Dweck reminds us,^ is a growth mindset, gratitude being one of the things to help grow this:in relation to the past, because we have come a long way and have learned many things; for the present, because we have capacity to be and to change things; for the future, because we can shape the future we want to live.

Hardy recommends making time at the beginning of the day to be grateful – making time to stop and look and listen, before we rush into the street.

Nassim Taleb describes those who are wise:

In their intense meditation the hidden sound of things approaching reaches them and they listen reverently while in the street outside the people hear nothing at all.^^

(*From Jordan Peterson’s 12 Riles for Life – my main read for August.)
(**From gapingvoid’s blog: We all know gratitude is the mother of all virtues. Here’s why.)
(^See Carol Dweck’s Mindset.)
(^^From nassim Taleb’s Fooled by Randomness.)

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