I know my place, and it is a place of many possibilities

I am finding my place and choosing my path on this incredible journey. I have BIG dreams. I see possibility. I have endless curiosity. I make discoveries. I have a feeling of wonder.*
(Susan Verde)

That’s the purpose of memory. You remember the past not so that it is “accurately recorded,” to say it again, bit so you are prepared for the future.**
(Jordan Peterson)

Here I am, wondering what I’m supposed to get up to.

It can take a lifetime to figure out, but I think that’s okay, because the important thing is to never reach the end of our curiosity, to never run out of questions, to never grow tired of discovering, to never cease growing.

In her book for children of all ages, including sixty year olds, Susan Verde helps us to see that we are more than capable of keeping moving, of not becoming stuck:

I remind myself that because I AM human, I can make choices. I can move forward.*

Jordan Peterson identifies the benefits of the human ability and practice to remember in summary. Remembering is not about the past but about the future. So, Hugh Macleod caught my eye with some words to put alongside Peterson’s:

We are all haunted by something deep inside us, and often, a lot of our best work is the result of trying to come to terms with this.^

We know our place.

We are human.

Nothing can stop us from our incredible journey.

And whilst others can help you figure out what we are supposed to get up too. Only you really know.

(*From Susan Verde’s I Am Human.)
(**From Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life – my main August read.)
(^From gapingvoid’s blog: Spiritual redemption.)

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