Life beyond necessary

Saint Francis said that after doing what is necessary, we move on to what is possible. We pay attention, listen, open our hearts.*
(Anne Lamott)

Things happen when we move from the necessary to the possible. Whilst we are used to seeing the necessary, our “sight” is not so good when it comes to spotting the possible.

In his introduction to Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain, Robert MacFarlane tells of how Shepherd awakened him to noticing how the “Courvoisier whiff” of birch trees needed summer rain to bring it out.

Waiting for me were these words from Shepherd as she became my guide to seeing more:

‘This changing of focus in the eye, moving the eye itself when looking at things that do not move, deepens one’s sense of outer reality. The static things may be caught in the very act of becoming. By so simple a matter, too, as altering the position of one’s head, a different kind of world may be made to appear. Lay the head down, or better still, face away from what you look at, and bend with straddled legs till you see your world upside down, How new it has become!’**

Move from the necessary to the possible and you will guides to help you see more.

(*From Anne Lamott’s Hallelujah Anyway.)
(**From Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain.)

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