You’re just not ready for this

If you keep poking around the expected, it’s unlikely you’ll be surprised by what you find.*
(Seth Godin)

In other words, we meet unexpected problems with unexpected solutions.**
(Ed Catmull)

You’re just not ready for this, so you’re the ideal candidate … if you are willing to make the awkward journey, to learn en route. To learn to interact with all the journey brings, that cannot be known at the outset, that cannot be specifically prepared for.

Martin Buber says more about this in a passage I came to this morning. It’s a little long but what he’s covering is fascinating:

‘Free is the man that wills without caprice. He believes in the actual, which is to say: he believes in the real association of the real duality, I and You. He believes in destiny and also that it needs him. It does not lead him, it waits for him. He must go forth with his while being: that he knows. It will not turn out the way his resolve intended it; but what wants to come will come only if he resolves to do that which he can will. He must sacrifice his little will, which is unfree and ruled by things and drives, to his great will that moves away from being determined to find destiny. Now he no longer interferes, nor does he merely allow things to happen. He listens to that which grows, to the way of Being in the world, not in order to be carried along by it but rather in order to actualise it in the manner in which it, needing him, wants to be actualised by him – with human spirit and human deed, with human life and human death. He believes, I said; but this implies: he encounters.’^

I admit that I struggle to understand Buber as he explains It and I and Thou, but sometimes I hope I grasp his meaning, what he is picturing as it seizes my attention. Like here, as he talks about how we have a destiny but not one scripted out, but one wanting us to draw it out, to interpret it and give it life; how something must die in us for something larger to come into being, a bigger Self that will listen to and also bring into being that which can only be brought into being through the fullness and deepness of a human life.

None of us are ready for this. All we can do is to enter:

‘I am in charge of one dynamic: when a door is opened, I get to choose how I will respond.’^^

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: Unexpected yet totally plausible.)
(**From Ed Catmull’s Creativity, Inc..)
(^From Martin Buber’s I and Thou.)
(^^From John Ortberg’s All the Places to Go.)

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