We built this city on …

The buildings of the city were tightly crammed, many of them larger than in smaller towns with many winding streets.

Walking around, moved us from business areas to residential to parks to derelict sites.

It was the sheer numbers of people that caught our attention most of all.

The people who were the foundations of this city of lifelong learning.

People learning with and from and through one another.

People having and providing choices, so much choice that they had to increase their ability to let things go.

This was not high pressure but slow, easy learning.

They had all day, all week, all year, all of life.

‘To be its best, Attention, from inside itself it seems, summons Ease.  Ease emerges and sweeps and dips and saunters, draping itself around Attention’s focus allowing it dimensions greater than focus alone can produce.’*

(*From Nancy Kline’s More Time to Think.)




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