Are you still waiting for some message in the sky?

Once upon a time there was a person with an idea.  The idea caught on and became wrapped in the designs and productivity of others, and a whole institution was built around it.  Many people were employed by the institution.  It changed the way society thought about itself, everything was measured by it.  Education was designed to point everyone towards it, young people gained the qualifications that made it possible to be employed in the production that developed out of the idea.  No one thought they could have an idea that competed with the original idea.  They gave up any hope of being able to do something with the idea that once had circled around their thoughts.  They didn’t realise that the important part of this story was the experience the one person had at the very beginning.  How that person could be any person pursuing their idea.  And that person and idea could be them.

‘Faith, like fire, does not dispel the darkness.  It creates a space within it.  Faith creates a womb for hope and love within a universe that seems indifferent to both.’*

(*From Alex McManus’ Makers of Fire.)


Available in the following sizes: 16×16 inches (£65);
20×20 inches (£75); 24×24 inches (£85)

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