Au naturale

If it was possible to take away all the things that have to make up your life: making money, paying rent or mortgage, being there for the family, food-shopping, the expectations and attention of others, and, noticing the most natural hoping and dreaming of your life, if we could pursue anything, do anything, live for anything, what would it be?

Knowing this, why not begin?  It was there all along, within all the other things you must do.   Simply put back all those other things that are a part of your life and continue.

It’s always been possible.  Who wants to get to the end of their life and regret knowing what they must do but not doing anything about it?

Please spread the word, make it possible for others to pursue their hopes and dreams right where they are.

‘Even if someone is born with a particular talent, that talent will usually remain latent if it is not fostered, honed and exercised.  Not all people get the same chance to cultivate and refine their abilities.’*

(*From Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens.)

is now available

You can order your copy here.

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