Keep going

‘When bodily movement becomes a form of speech, then the distinction between words and deeds, between representations and actions begin to blur, and so marches can themselves be liminal, another form of walking into the realm of the representational and symbolic – and sometimes, into history.’*
(Rebecca Solnit)

‘I can only speak to my soul when the two of us are off, exploring deserts or cities or mountains or roads.’**
(Paulo Coelho)

By illustration I mean doing, moving, improving, developing, looking, feeling, and doing again.  Keri Smith suggests asking someone we know to provide us with somewhere to journey to:

‘Ask a friend to give you wandering instructions.  Tell a friend to write a location in your journal.  Do not look at it until you are ready to set out.’^

A friend did just this for me yesterday.  As we reconnected for the new year, he provided me with just such a location..From what we had been talking about, I was offered the destination of turning my thoughts into a video course (a location doesn’t have to be geographical).  I’m going to have a go.  Watch this space.

We have to keep going, life takes form where we have both comfort and exploration, so says Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.  We find this expressed in different ways as people get to grips with how things keep well and healthy:

“Civilisation occurs and maintains itself when the two forces – the striving and the ordering – approach equipoise.”^^

(*From Rebecca Solnit’s Wanderlust.)
(**From Paulo Coelho’s Aleph.)
(^From Keri Smith’s The Wander Society.)
(^^Clark Emery, quoted in Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)

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