For more, look inside

‘Most of us have plenty (by a lot of standards).  Not having enough, by itself, isn’t what’s making us unhappy.

It’s having enough and not knowing it.’*
(Hugh Macleod)

We can too easily place our confidence in the wrong things, prioritising concern with the externals over the internals.

On the outside, we don’t have enough – position, influence, resources.

On the inside, often unnoticed, we have more than we know with which we can make sense of what we have on the outside.

At least, it’s a better beginning, discovering we’re all artists, whether in ideas, relationships, actions and communication – these can all be art forms, and we need what you bring.

W. H. Auden wrote:

“So long as artists exist, making what they please and think they ought to make, even if it is not terribly good, even if it appeals to only a handful of people, they remind the Management of something managers need to be reminded of, namely, that the managed are people with faces, not anonymous numbers, that Homo Laborans is also Homo Ludens.**

We need more people willing to help those around them find the more they have within, the reality of who they are.  , the world they can definitely change and, by means of, may be able to change the world around them, even if that is one person’s world.

(*From gapingvoid’s blog: Albert Einstein’s theory of happiness.)
(**From Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings: W. H. Auden on the Political Power of Art and the Crucial Difference Between Party Issues and Revolutionary Issues.)

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